Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the best opportunity to show your love and to spend an evening completely dedicated to the couple. 

At the Ara Etna restaurant for all lovers a special evening in a magical and romantic atmosphere. 

The Valentine's Day menu 2019 includes: 


- Spritz red passion 

- Crispy hearts 


- Milk flower with aromatic herbs 

- Aubergine turban 

- Crostino with artichoke hearts, flavored with mint 


- Panzotti with datterino and almonds 

- Pistachio crêpes 


- Sliced black pig 

- Potato pie with first salt 


- Millefeuille with red fruits 


- Water / wine or beer for only € 25. 

Alternatively, if you would like to taste our special pizzas, choose from the menu the one you like for just € 16 

(including Aperitif / Appetizer / Dessert / Drink) 

Info and reservations: Tel. 095 7801440/347 6201123 

We are waiting for you!